Constant heating with minimised fuel consumption..

Constant heating with minimised fuel consumption.
Constant heating with minimised fuel consumption.

The new development at 6 & 6A Ranelagh Court is a new development of 18 purpose built apartments for the elderly in the heart of Dublin.

A 450kW Sile MDC high efficiency condensing boiler provides constant heating to each apartment on a 24hour basis. The cascade and modulation system of the MDC vastly increases efficiency and reduces energy consumption thus saving costs and cutting emmisions. The boilers work on a master and slave basis to satisfy demand bringing on additional units at various levels of output in order to meet the heating requirements of the development. Once demand reduces the unit will automatically reduce it's output level in order to satisfy the current demand and minimise energy consumption and eliminate waste heat production.

We will be delighted to assist you with your next district heating project and can offer a wide range of duties from 50kW to 900kW. Our 300kW & 450kW MDC units can be combined in order to create a 600kW, 750kW & 900kW boiler package. The MDC package is suitable for a wide range of applications from industrial, hospitals, schools, hotels to office developments.

We also supply a range of district heating substations that can be seemlessly linked with our MDC boiler packages to offer a comprehensive heating and DHW solution. From hot water only to combined heating and hot water our range of substations come in a variety of duties to meet the demands of apartments, retails units and large homes.