A heatexchanger for every function.

A heatexchanger for every function
A heatexchanger for every function

TPS provides a multi faceted range of heatexchangers to Swiss Centre.

The redeveloped Swiss Centre in London's iconic Leicester Square is the latest high profile project that
TPS Heatexchangers has been involved in. The Swiss centre incorporates luxury hotel, 10 penthouse
apartments, retail outlets, casino and restaurants. There were a number of key areas which required our individually designed gasketed plate heatexchangers including the Domestic Hot Water and LTHW circuits as well as the ground source heatpump circuit.

With a number of primary heat sources being used in the building our exchangers were the critical interface in transferring this heat to the various applications and systems within the building. We have been able to supply high efficiency and reliability to ensure all these applications continue to run smoothly.

The project was not without it's challenges and as with all modern building design the plantroom is kept to the minimum possible dimensions in order to leave the maximum commercial space. With such tight restrictions on space we needed to tailor the frame sizes to ensure high heatexchanger surface area with minimal plantroom footprint. Once again we were able to deliver on these requirements and within very tight budgets.

We have designed plate and tubular heat exchangers for a broad spectrum of installations and applications so to discuss your project or any of our product range do not hesitate to contact us.