Harvesting energy from CHP waste heat.

Harvesting energy from CHP waste heat
Harvesting energy from CHP waste heat

Altnagelvin Hospital Heat Recovery.

The Combined Heat and Power (CHP) centre is becoming increasingly popular as the search for high
efficiency and low carbon emmissions continues to play a dominant role in the design criteria of many projects.

Altnagelvin hospital has recently completed the installation and commissioning of a brand new Edina CHP centre and TPS Heatexchangers have been heavily involved in the high levels of heat recovery used to generate the Domestic Hot Water requirements for the hospital.

The heat from the CHP engines jacket cooling water and lubricant oil, which is often simply lost, is recovered via our dual purpose heat exchanger and provides the primary heating medium for DHW generation for the hospital. Our compact Aquamodules, which are delivered as a fully packaged unit complete with controls, a range of primary and secondary pump configurations and in-built anti-legionella function, have been installed on a duty stand-by basis in order to meet high peak demands whilst also ensuring the highest levels of efficiency are achieved from each unit. Our existing steam to hot water plate heat exchangers are utilised to satisfy demand if the CHP engine is not running, once again ensuring peak demands are satisfied and high levels of effieciency are gained during the steam to hot water heat transfer.

We have designed plate and tubular heat exchangers for a broad spectrum of installations and applications so please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project.