Heat recovery at Schering Plough.

Heat recovery at Schering Plough
Heat recovery at Schering Plough

The recent introduction of the governments carbon Tax has put further impetus on everyone to find more effective and efficient ways to save energy. Now what used to be classed as waste or bi-products are now becoming vital heat sources. TPS is at the forefront of technology to help realise the huge potential savings from both waste liqiuds, gas and air.

Seeking an Economic high reliability, easy maintenance solution to a challenging recovery environment Schering selected a bespoke Econotherm through flow gas to gas recuperator. The fully SS 316, finned pipe, unit was designed as a custom fit as a replacement for a failing plate unit. The patent pending design incorporates removeable finned heat pipes, fully removeable access panels to provide easy cleaning access for potential fouling in the high particulate gas stream. The multiple redundancy operation of the heat pipe unit provides assured high reliability for this critical production process.

We can design and tailor bespoke units for a vast range of applications to allow clients to preheat incoming air, water or gas for their required operation. With large savings on energy bills the payback times are extremely attractive and reduced carbon footprint makes this technology very sensible for both your energy and cost saving requirements.

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