Spencer Dock Development.

Spencer Dock Development
Spencer Dock Development

The regeneration of Spencer Dock continues to progress at a rapid pace with an abundance of new office space and apartment buildings reaching completion. Once again TPS has been heavily involved in solving the Domestic Hot Water (DHW) requirements for these new developments.

We supplied four of our rapid recovery 1000L Aquasaves for the PriceWaterHouseCoopers office development, Zenith Bank and apartment block at Specer dock. The Aquasave is designed to heat hot water where demand is not constant, but regular high peak flow rates occur such as in office blocks, housing developments, sports facilities and hotels. The units meet DHW demand requirements whilst reducing boiler power rating and storage volumes. The Aquasave comes complete with brazed plate heat exchanger, charging pump and valves.

This offers ease of installation and with site plantroom space at a premium these types of developments the reduced storage volumes enables smaller plant room space dedication to the DHW system. We have a range of models to meet a variety of capacities and duties ranging from 150 litres up to 1000 and beyond.

We have offered DHW design and specifications on a large number of office, hotel, leisure and apartment applications, so to discuss your project or any of our product range please contact us.