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TPS has evolved over the last 20 years to become one of Ireland's leading heat transfer specialists. As part of our continued growth and expansion we are pleased to welcome you to our new web site which is dedicated to both Industrial and HVAC requirements.

Our partnerships with HRS and Sile allow us to tailor designs and have flexibility in our specifications to meet your individual requirements. We also work closely with both HRS & Sile to develop new technology and solutions for the all sectors including the industrial, commercial, agricultural and pharmaceutical. We also continue to look for energy efficient products and are focusing hard on heat recovery projects which will have a large environmental benefit coupled with large financial savings.

TPSheatexchangers offer a wide range of heat exchangers and associated products including corrugated tube, shell and tube, scraped surface and plate units, together with a range of purified water heaters.

We offer heating solutions for an extensive range of HVAC and renewable applications across a diverse spectrum with an extensive range of capacities and design options.

We continually update this site to bring you all the latest developments and products with information and data sheets a simple click away.TPS heat exchangers continues to provide the same quality, reliability and competitively priced products and services you have come to expect.